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Zeynab Ali

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11/04/2017 - 10:30am

Zeynab is a youth activist residing in the city of Milwaukee, WI.  Zeynab, her parents and two of her siblings were refugees from Dadaab, Kenya. She was born in Dagahaley Camp. Her parents are originally from Somalia. They were one of the few persecuted people who fled to Kenya for refuge from the horrendous civil war that took place in Somalia in 1991. Zeynab’s family were one of the few lucky families to be given the opportunity to live in the United States. Her parents instilled a love for curiosity and education in her. They also developed her love for helping others. Zeynab’s parents always reminded her of the importance of being informed of what’s taking place around the world. On December 3rd, 2014, Zeynab was inaugurated as the 9th District representative on the City of Milwaukee Youth Council. As a youth representative she participated in many gun violence prevention summits and conferences along with the Mayor, District Attorney, and other city leaders. Currently, she is the chairwoman of Inspirational Impact, a youth-driven council focused on eradicating human trafficking. Zeynab has won many awards for her work in the community.



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