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Our Time Is Now - Stacey Abrams - <span class="date-display-single">06/18/2020 - 7:00pm</span>

Our Time Is Now

06/18/2020 - 7:00pm


Celebrated national leader and bestselling author Stacey Abrams will appear live on Crowdcast in conversation with Ben Wikler, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, to discuss her new book, Our Time Is Now. Join us at: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/our-time-is-now


Our Time Is Now offers a blueprint to end voter suppression, empower our citizens, and take back our country. A recognized expert on fair voting and civic engagement, Abrams chronicles a chilling account of how the right to vote and the principle of democracy have been and continue to be under attack. Abrams would have been the first African American woman governor, but experienced these effects firsthand, despite running the most innovative race in modern politics as the Democratic nominee in Georgia. Abrams didn’t win, but she has not conceded. The book compellingly argues for the importance of robust voter protections, an elevation of identity politics, engagement in the census, and a return to moral international leadership.


Our Time Is Now draws on extensive research from national organizations and renowned scholars, as well as anecdotes from her life and others’ who have fought throughout our country’s history for the power to be heard. The stakes could not be higher. Here are concrete solutions and inspiration to stand up for who we are—now.  Abrams says, "This is a narrative that describes the urgency that compels me and millions more to push for a different American story than the one being told today. It's a story that is one part danger, one part action, and all true. It's a story about how and why we fight for our democracy and win."


Stacey Abrams is the 2020 Cheryl Rosen Weston Memorial Lecturer. Copies of Our Time Is Now will be distributed for free to the first 600 attendees. During the event, there will be a link at the bottom of the screen, fill out the form, and a book will be sent to you. The event is free and open to the public.  Presented in partnership with A Room of One's Own Bookstore as part of the From Books to Ballots initative.


Stacey Abrams

About Presenter Stacey Abrams


Stacey Abrams is the New York Times bestselling author of Lead from the Outside, a serial entrepreneur, nonprofit CEO, and political leader. After serving eleven years in the Georgia House of Representatives, seven as minority leader, Abrams became the 2018 Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia, where she won more votes than any other Democrat in the state’s history. Over the course of her career, she has founded multiple organizations devoted to voting rights, training and hiring young people of color, and tackling social issues at both the state and national levels. Dedicated to civic engagement, her most recent endeavors include: launching Fair Fight to ensure every American has a voice in our election system, Fair Count to ensure accuracy in the 2020 Census and greater participation in civic engagement, and the Southern Economic Advancement Project, a public policy initiative to broaden economic power and build equity in the South.


Abrams received degrees from Spelman College, the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, and Yale Law School. Born in Madison, Wisconsin, she and her five siblings grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi and were raised in Georgia.


Our Time Is Now

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