Nicholas Gulig

Nicholas Gulig is a Thai-American poet from Wisconsin. The author of North of Order, Book of Lake, and Orient, he currently works as an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and lives in Fort Atkinson with his wife and two daughters.


"It is an honor to have Of Genesis selected for the 2022 Wisconsin People & Ideas poetry award. It is always a quiet, unexpected shock when a poem I write matters and makes sense to someone else, a feeling that many of us working in the medium rarely have the privilege to feel. As such, I am grateful for the people whose time, dedication, sacrifice, and effort makes opportunities like this possible, not only for myself, but more so for the broader community of poets and writers, young and old, whose language too often remains obscure. Given the solitary nature of the craft, these brief moments of support and recognition truly are appreciated. Thank you very much."