Catrina Sparkman

Catrina Sparkman

Catrina J. Sparkman has carved out a successful career niche as a grassroots theater artist and authorpreneur of several works of fiction and non-fiction. Including such titles as Doing Business With God, Passing Through Water, Opening the Floodgates, and the Fire this Time just to name a few.

Catrina is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Creative Writing, and a Masters in African American Studies. Catrina is a woman artist who wears many hats. An instructor of Theatre and Drama, a content creator, workshop trainer, public speaker, publisher, book coach,
and creative consultant for various national and international organizations.

Catrina is the owner of the Creator’s Cottage, a maker studio space for artists and writers located in Madison, Wi. Catrina is also the founder and CEO of The Ironer’s Press Ministries, a non-profit that serves the needs of women and children of color in Wisconsin through the use of social action theater, publishing and the creative arts. 

Recent Book
Flight of the Blackbird